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    Jewelry and Fashion Final project

    Shira Bar On

    instagram icon @shira.baronn

    A colorful mind

    I tend to observe ordinary objects and imagine shapes and colors that are not physically there. The monotonic craft-work leads me to a meditative state, only me and the object in front of me. I started by painting watercolor blobs and sketching on them with a pen. The blobs were translated to different clothing pattern parts and layers, colored intuitively by hand. The sketches were transformed into embroidery or bordering stripes. The clothes conceptualize a colorful inner world bursting out, emphasizing the inner tension between intuition and careful planning. They express the movement flowing from the mind, through the sketching, the sewing, or the embroidering hand, onto the body. Materials: Left-over cloths collected by me, acrylic paint, black and white cotton bias tape, NOSO® tape Techniques: Drawing and painting, hand and machine embroidery, plisse folding, NOSO® technology for seamless stitching Mentor: Yael Taragan

    Fashion Handmade Painting Sustainable Bezalel Award Textile

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