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    Jewelry and Fashion Final project

    Embar shechter

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    My final project explores my personal experience as a woman in public and the social and cultural meanings that accompany women's attire. The garments explore contrasts that occupy me while getting dressed - exposure versus concealment, constraint versus freedom, the double standard reflected in women’s clothing. While examining my personal relationship with the attire, I keep asking why exposing the female body is still accompanied by hidden meanings in the eyes of society. The creative process seeks to blur the dichotomy between tailored clothing and lingerie and the female body. While the first carries values ​​of responsibility, seriousness, and high status, the latter carries values ​​of delicacy, sexuality, and exposure. By using reconstruction and upcycling techniques, I seek to challenge the way society categorizes individuals, thus designing items that reflect strength, power, and inclusion for all Mentor: Doron Ashkenazi Theoretical Advising: Dr. Tal Frenkel Alroy

    Body Fashion Femininity Sustainability

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