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    Architecture Final project

    Valiel Talya Bruchi & Or Vaknin

    orvaknin1992@gmail.com , valielba@gmail.com
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    The southern city of Netivot is going through a revolution and an image change. This revolution affected many fields like industry, culture and residence. The city's growth, evolution and expansion (Netivot doubled its size in the past few years) has led to a migration of the city that were originally planned in the older neighborhood far away from the center. And so, the city center moved from the heart of the Netivot to his periphery. The consequences are severe : a lot of area are empty and unattractive. That’s the reason why we have a new proposal to the city's growth and renewal, that can fit the new city vision. This is not a typical renewal project for Netivot. It offers to bring back the pushed-aside programs back to the damaged neighborhoods through mediation between the industry and Netivot to the residence of the city. Combinating the industry with the local community and public functions. The forth industrial made it possible. The industry in this project will be based mostly on recycled materials - from the raw material to the assembly line creating an endless loop between product and material. The building is covered by a green hill, which give to the city a fresh look - given the fact that sit industrial area inside. According to us, the City renewal is a true opportunity to reconnect the different programs into one and only place around news housings. As a result, the old neighborhood will be strengthened with no need to duplicate the same unit again and again.

    Architecture Green Localism Society and community Sustainable Bezalel Award Urban

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