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    Additional works by the graduate Stroke 1 Ceramics and Glass Design Final project

    Almog Barzilay Rozenpik

    instagram icon @rozbar_words

    Be. A Mindful Symphony

    A video Installation of 6 different projections Photography: Elad Ayalon & Almog Barzilay Rozenpik Original Sound: Yafit Ido & Almog Barzilay Rozenpik Sound: "21 Days of abundance" By Deepak Chopra This piece deals with the relationship between the artist and the viewer using images from the worlds of meditation and yoga practice. The yoga practice, and specifically ashtanga practice, crates a space of hilling for me. Yoga speaks about an energy connecting all the citizens of the world. An energy that allows me, through the yoga practice itself, to feel connected, confident and relaxed and learn, through the movement and connection to my body, about my body, my consciousness and myself. The mindful symphony is a key to a human uncensored moment. The honesty of the deepest thoughts of every day life. I'm creating fragments of real life thoughts I documented from my own meditation practice. Through sound, words and visual I want to invite the viewer to enter in to a breathing body, a thinking mind, a living soul. Coming from the idea that the inner sight is art. Life is art. Body is art. What there is is art

    Art Black Body COVID-19 Femininity Film Identity Installation Mixed media Performance Photography Sound Tel Aviv Video

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