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    Jewelry and Fashion Final project

    Noa Tsahala Maimon

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    collection of memories

    In this project, I collect memories Of the child I was, of the home I grew up in. Of the values I was brought up by and the religious beliefs I grew up into. Of my mother, our relationship, of the matching clothes the family girls wore. All transposed to the present. My memories, the tight bond, and the surroundings I grew up in directed me to the Noa I am today. Since the time mother battled for her life, I felt obligated to travel back, to investigate and discover, to clarify my DNA, even when my mother is no longer around. To reassess my approach to religion and find in it a truth of my own. My clothing today reveals a direct link to my past, combining it all together: The values from home, my unique bonds with my mother, my sister, the clothing we wore as little girls, mother’s clothes we always wanted to wear, some we inherited. In this project, I find myself in the midst of a continued process of maturing and accepting the Noa that I am. Techniques: Hand embroidery, sublimation print, shibori and beading Mentor: Shelly Satat Kombor Theoretical Advising: Dr. Tal Frenkel Alroy

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