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    Ceramics and Glass Design Final project

    Charlotte Avigail Jutrem Cohen

    instagram icon @charlotte.avigail_j_c

    Divided and complete

    My final project features a set of glassware for everyday use designed specifically for my family. My inspirational starting point was my search for belonging. As a Norwegian-Israeli my heart belongs to two countries; I am divided and complete at the same time. I wanted to visualize this theme of bicultural belonging, through a set of designed glassware used for a daily meal. A meal is unifying and happening in every culture. The set is for my core family and also is a visualization of each person’s bicultural identity and personality. This is shown through colors and patterns. An extended research of colors led me to an exact genealogy. The design language is Scandinavian inspired, which is also a part of my identity. The different objects are blown in the hotshop and engraved in the coldshop. There are four personal eating objects, four drinking glasses, four mini bows for serving liquid food and four central serving dishes.

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