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    Industrial Design Final project

    Yahav Levi, Tal Meir

    Emergency Creating

    We are a group of local artists and creatives who have joined forces to form different platforms for action for the artists living in Nachlaot neighborhood. Many of those working in the various cultural fields choose to live in the neighborhood, but the spirit of artmaking is absent from the alleys. The streets are quiet and there are almost no places where creatives can meet or create. We went through a long period of reflection and introspection – we were required to stay indoors, to be alone, to maintain a social distance, to shut up. To not dare to resist. Our goal is to amplify the light by connecting people, collaborations, creating and consuming culture and forming platforms for collaborative creation. We refuse to be afraid, to be divided, it is our time to unite. Join us. Advisor: Yaron Loubaton

    Graphic design Identity Installation Jerusalem Localism Memory Society and community Urban

    Additional Options:

    Golden Margarite

    Keren Karasik


    Shai Efron


    Ira Kornyukov


    Anton Sverdlov

    The Penultimate Truth

    Zohar Pomerantz