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    Industrial Design Final project

    Liri Septon

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    Home Cooked Kitchenware Humans have always used the earth to exist. What happens when it come into the kitchen? The resemblance between the bakery and the ceramics studio, reflected in the materials, techniques, tools, and processing methods, led me to knead the two worlds together to explore a new material made of flour and clay. Through this material, I wish to redefine the role of the kitchen as a place that produces kitchenware from the same earth on which we live, which at the end of use even return to it. The project combines the wisdom of the past with modern technologies, opens up new opportunities for ecological solutions, food for the soul and the realization of hidden potential. Advisor: Maya Ben David Photography: Nadav Goren

    Design Home Innovation Localism Nature Sustainability Sustainable Bezalel Award Technology

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