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    Jewelry and Fashion Final project

    Alina Zharski

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    Floating in uncertainty

    "I don’t know" is a state of uncertainty. It is a paralyzing feeling of confusion and distress, which is felt throughout the body and causes one to question reality itself. This experience leads to self-convergence in an attempt to accept the current situation, which includes a feeling of instability, and at the same time, release and relaxation. The release gives way to new revelations while questioning what I know/don’t know. The project expresses these feelings from my personal experience. I chose to work with neutral white fabrics, which allow me an instinctive space to disrupt the pure and clean. I started my work on two-dimensional textiles with actions like pulling threads, perforating the fabric, and dyeing it and continued to build the garment by draping and sewing, creating layers and volumes that disrupt the proportions of the body. The garment becomes a kind of shell that is shed during an extreme and violent move, in an amorphous and vague way – the body loses its image and form between realism and abstraction. Materials: Matte silk organza fabrics in white Techniques: Draping, machine sewing combined with handwork such as pulling threads, perforation, tearing, sewing, and dyeing. Mentor: Claudette Zorea Theoretical Advising: Dr. Tal Frenkel Elroy

    Body Fashion Handmade Textile

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