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    Jewelry and Fashion Final project

    Saar Eylam

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    Food has always been a major interest in our family. Since my grandparents passed away, we continue to recreate the smells and tastes of the Moroccan cuisine that they instilled in and bequeathed to us. When I used to ask my grandmother how to make a certain dish, she would say, 'Add a little of this, a little of that and taste, and always do it with love'. The same goes for my creative process: in an intuitive work, I combined materials and methods that are used in both the kitchen and the studio, connecting the worlds of cooking and creation. I was inspired by the craft of challah braiding and napkin folding techniques, I used elements from the cultural and traditional world of my family, such as the head coverings for lighting candles, utensils, and rugs from home. I created a collection that represents my home: where I came from and where I am today. Materials: cotton, linen, cotton threads, embroidery and wool, as well as tablecloths, napkin holders, rugs, towels and kitchen utensils from my late grandmother. Techniques: Handmade embroidery and machine embroidery, crochet knitting, weaving, macrame technique, dyeing using spices Mentor: Yael Taragan

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