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    Jewelry and Fashion Final project

    Aviv Belash

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    I remember that…

    I remember that during the first closure, I saw a show about hoarders. The show made me look at my environment and at me. I remember asking myself, "Am I a hoarder, too?" I remember starting to take pictures and hoarding, collecting close to a hundred glass bottles of wine and beer that I drank, and that I thought about using them in a project. I remember the bottles filled my apartment and were in every corner. I was uncomfortable, and it even suffocated me until I finally let go. I remember that this feeling of release opened up the idea “what else can be released?” I remember opening my closet and pulling out clothes I had previously received from past partners. They are full of memories, it's hard for me to wear them, not to mention to look at them. I chose to use them from the idea of ​​a fresh start, erasing the past and maturing. These are the raw materials I chose to use as well as pieces of fabric from an unrealized project and dresses I created as a child. The memory is preserved in the object, but it is not what it used to be. At the end stands a new garment with a scar, a memory of what was and is no longer relevant. Materials: Clothes I previously received from my partners, scraps of fabric from an unrealized project, and dresses I created as a child. Techniques: Inlay, patches, dyeing, disassembly and assembly Mentor: Claudette Zorea Theoretical Advising: Dr. Tal Frenkel Alroy

    Body Fashion Memory Sustainability

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