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    Additional works by the graduate Stroke 1 Ceramics and Glass Design Final project

    Tomer Bismut

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    Presented before you are figures constructed from toilet paper. I started working with this material in March 2020, when my life’s routine became disrupted due to the Corona epidemic. Having to replace the studio with my home space, I found raw materials at the neighborhood grocery store. A pack of toilet paper I purchased led me to become introspective in developing different working methods. I chose to sculpt objects that store trapped energy inside their content. Within the organic visibility of these figures, there is a force that strives to go beyond its limited and closed boundaries – similar to my feelings during the days and months of closure. In these pieces, I distanced the material from its original use – toilet paper is an inexpensive, industrial substance that is accessible to the masses, and by work that requires skilled manual labor, which is an opposite expression of the industrial one - thus elevating the creative artist under the indifference of the machine, I have created unique one of a kind sculptures.

    Art COVID-19 Craft Design Handmade Sculpture

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