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    Jewelry and Fashion Final project

    Rachel Fruman-Maimon

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    Nesting Craft

    In my final project, I translate the personal and homey nesting process, which I am going through, into jewelry and objects using a basket-weaving technique. Weaving is a repetition of the same action over and over again, each tier being tied to the previous one, thus strengthening it. It is a repetitive and meditative craft. Building nests in nature is a defined, permanent and specific process, yet temporary and variable. It is necessary as the first stage of offspring coming to the world. In my work, I combine plant branches that grow in my living environment with an old and rusty barbed wire I found around Rotem, a settlement in the Jordan Valley, where I live. A memory of the past, the fence represents a border area that is an integral part of the place's history and present. I soften and refine it, just like I do with the fences inside me, which gradually dissolve as my pregnancy grows. Materials: Date tree fruit branches, retama shrub branches, and an old rusty barbed wire fence. Techniques: Basket weaving, welding, and goldsmithing techniques.

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