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    ארכיטקטורה פרויקט גמר

    רזק בחבח
    Rizek Bahbah

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    Open Prison – Open

    Is a research project dealing with the situation of the Gaza Strip. The research started in October 2020 until the book was printed in July 2021, with the aim of opening it to the world, and challenge the world’s disconnection from it. Observers have been regularly describing the Strip as an Open Prison since the late 1990s. A place not easily traveled to or from. This project came from the need to question what the world seems to have chose to not know; . the disconnection towards The Gaza Strip. An opportunity to learn about and from the Palestinian nation living there. How does a part of my nation trapped in an open prison live? What sort of life values does a place like this hold? The Gaza Strip affects the political and daily life of the Israeli community, yet the israeli population seems to believe that Israel is no longer responsible for what happens there since they unburdened themselves from the strip. Creating a series of documented architectural situations happening in The Strip. In all scales required and relevant to the situation. A process of collecting information through combination of investigations, interviews, movies, videos, photos and personal stories from the inside, to open it to the world. What do I, a Palestinian living in Jerusalem, an Architecture student, a human being, Have to say about it?

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