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    Jewelry and Fashion Final project

    Efrat Eshtu

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    The restrictive covid-19 period led to a sense of standing still and of having enough of the freedom/vacation imposed on us. We are on leave, but from what? Freedom is almost always an option, but we need to find the way, the tools, and maybe also the kind of freedom we need. Throughout the process, I am in constant dialogue with myself in search of true freedom. The collection reflects this process of self-searching and shows new techniques that I developed to free myself and allow myself to manipulate the basic methods. The random lines and shapes create unfamiliar silhouettes and loose clothing. Applying restrictions like basic patterns and break them gives a sense of freedom and liberation that promotes different thinking and disregard for conventions. For me, the true meaning of freedom is the ability to search and express who you are. Materials: Cotton, linen, denim, nylon mesh, corduroy, organza, and wool Techniques: Deconstruction and draping on a horizontal model Mentor: Zorea Claudette Theoretical Advising: Dr. Frenkel Alroy Tal

    Body Fashion Sustainability Textile

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