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    Jewelry and Fashion Final project

    Halelah Schiff

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    My final project, which is of a research nature, presents a collection of "Ready-Made" objects that have gone out of use, upon which I have performed various intervening actions. Some of the objects were worn out, others were broken or devoid of important parts, and thus the goal of my intervening actions was to give them the opportunity for a new life. My actions consisted of re-assembling the parts, marking the gaps, and trying to fill the vacant spaces. Through my actions, I studied the status of the objects, their purpose, and their original function. At the same time, I examined my role as a jeweler who encounters existing items; I contemplated the value of creation from the existing circumstances and the way my actions alter the objects’ character. I explored the boundaries of intervening actions and the cultural expectations to produce objects with familiar functions. Materials: Fine silver, sterling silver, existing objects made of various materials (disassembled eyeglass frames, straps and bodies of obsolete watches, non-functioning tools) Techniques: Traditional metalsmithing techniques Mentor: Yael Taragan

    Craft Handmade Jewelry Memory

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