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    Jewelry and Fashion Final project

    Mohamad Zughaier



    A clothing collection that is decorated with industrial fabrics inspired by geometrical patterns found in Islamic architecture so that the final product looks like a “Mashrabeyeh” (that is mostly made from wood, found in buildings all over the Arab world). The fabric’s patterns I perforated by hand, thus creating a clothing line that feels traditional. A complex system of sensors is responsible for lighting the clothing pieces through the perforated decorations. The pieces contain a LED lighting system that is turned on using a 12 volts battery. Materials: “Scuba” fabric, embroidery threads, LED lighting, smart computerized control unit “Arduino ono”, “Ultra-sonic sensors”, 12 volts battery Techniques: Designing and producing a geometrical pattern using “Adobe Illustrator” and “corl draw”, industrial embroidery on canvas, manual perforation with an “electronic soldering” gun, hand-sewing, industrial sewing Mentor: Yaron Ronnen Theoretical Advising: Yael Targen

    Architecture Fashion Technology Textile

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    Under Construction

    Martin Visok

    Outline Stroke

    Stav Raguan


    Mohammed Badrieh


    Ronit Fermon

    One of a Kind

    Alma Shanni