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    Jewelry and Fashion Final project

    Yael Kahn

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    Space Intervention

    As a starting point for the project, I was inspired by animals and humans who create an illusion of size and volume through various body movements in order to express power or to impress. From here, I set out to explore different forms of movement that expand beyond the boundaries of the body towards the immediate surrounding spaces around it. I have created a series of jewelry that refers to the spaces around the neck, head, and chest area, which form the foreground of the body. The jewelry is placed on the body and acts as an addition to it, it examines and defines different ways of filling the space, and presents different forms of movement and growth around the body. The jewelry pieces intervene and expand throughout the space, confining and demarcating the space within them. Some of the jewelry pieces are in motion, inviting the wearer to play with them, and some express movement although they are frozen and fixed. Materials: Silver Techniques: Various silversmith techniques Mentor: Yael Taragan

    Body Craft Handmade Jewelry

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