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    Additional works by the graduate Stroke 1 Visual Communication

    Valentina Calzolari

    instagram icon @valucasart

    The Mystical Dream

    Series of GIF for the Bezalel Academy of arts instagram 9 squares project. The brief was to create a total of 9 illustrated gifs that could work all together in harmony but stand by their own too. The theme is a mystical dream with appearing elements influenced by psychedelics, tarot's imagery, and surrealism. Project led by Asaf Cohen

    Animation Illustration

    Additional Options:

    Animal locomotion

    Asa Rikin and Noga Sirota

    The Silent Type

    אביטל קרונפלד ושחר קורן

    The Trio

    Aviv Chen


    Jasmin Ben Chetrit

    It is what it is

    Hod Adler