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    Jewelry and Fashion Final project

    Sewar Awawdi

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    In my project, I researched the lifestyle of blind people and how they deal with their disabilities. Their understanding of the world around them depends on their sense of touch and their tremendous ability to imagine. My project consists of 5 designs each of which gives you a different experience that allows you to perceive and feel the designs relying solely on your imagination and sense of touch. Blind people will be able to understand and absorb the different designs by touching the various fabrics combined by attaching ropes, in addition to the Braille words written on the fabrics by means of metal grommets. As for people who have the sense of sight, they will experience imagining the clothes by touching and translating the pieces before seeing them. In order to feel a certain thing and build a complete form in our mind’s eye, we must absorb and feel the smallest details. So close your eyes when you feel the designs and try to imagine what you don't see. Materials: Various fabrics, cotton threads, metal grommets, cotton ribbon. Techniques: Punching holes and inserting metal grommets and ropes by the leather hole punch and eyelets plier. Mentor: Claudette Zorea Theoretical Advising: Dr. Tal Frenkel Alroy

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