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    Jewelry and Fashion Final project

    Yael Schultz

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    Threads of Belongingness

    In my project, I am recreating my personal and cultural narrative from my experience as a daughter of immigrant parents who were forced to erase the legacy with which they came to Israel. I never felt a sense of belonging or a connection to a community, and I was always accompanied by a sense of detachment. This project is a puzzle of identity which tries to trace its components and how it exists in the absence of roots. The clothing pieces combine home-inspired textiles, keeping in mind the home environment and its various components. Among other things, I formulated textile and print techniques using identity-charged objects such as curtains, tablecloths, and bedspreads of a distant acquaintance of mine that had passed away. I embroidered architectural plans of the houses I grew up in and dealt with the contrast between the geometric grid and the soft and colorful embroidery. Therefore, I am creating a collection of foreign components into a new identity. Materials: Cotton tablecloths, wool, and cotton embroidery threads, lace curtains Techniques: Quilting, patching, embroidery, digital printing Mentor: Yaron Ronen Theoretical Advising: Yael Targan

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