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    Ceramics and Glass Design Final project

    Enatnesh Yallow

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    When I immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia at the age of eight, I adapted to a new life in the country. Memories of daily life and village life remained fresh and colorful in my head. The difference between village life and city life was noticeable in many ways, but one that was significant to me was the technological world. From a life without electronic devices, I moved on to a life centered on electronics, which always seemed almost decorative to me. My final project deals with the connection between traditional techniques and contemporary techniques in ceramics and weaving. Through my transitions, I describe my connection to the tradition and culture of my parents' home and the modern (contemporary) culture. In this project, I talk about the gap I experience and feel - between me and my parents, between the previous generation and my generation, about the transfer of intergenerational knowledge, the mixing of current art media with traditional art and how they affect each other. Based on research through sketching, traditional methods of weaving, and material research, I looked inward within myself as well as outward into my parents’ world, my environment and techniques. Through the research I found the right balance between the two worlds that make up my world. Technique: hand sculpture coiling and weaving. Materials: clay, brown clay, white clay, angobas and underglaze colors, natural raffia, copper glaze, iron wires and colored wool. Working dimensions: CM60-120 Moderator: Galia Armeland

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