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    Photography Final project

    Reem Jarrar

    Two cities one human

    This photographic project is a personal travel journal where I talk about myself in the space between two cities – Ramallah and Jerusalem - to which I belong, and they are part of my being. I have homes in both cities, things to do, favorite places to be, people, friends, and – mainly – family: my mother and my sister. For a long time I have been documenting, photographing, the people around me and the constant movement between the places. In this project, I look at the representation of the home space and outside of it; the feelings of belonging and not belonging to the ways of life I encounter. I record various details of daily routines, as well as singular moments like the light of the sunset on the sofa in the living room. My documentation is an act of peace and stability, but also frenetic, constantly moving. My world depends on everything that surrounds me, not only on what resides within me and my thoughts: mother, sister, checkpoints, nature, photography, hobbies, people, cities, places, food, belonging, love, obstacles, wandering, and winding roads. The camera reflects my environment and me, illuminating the added value I have gained from people and the two homes.

    Documentary Home Identity Photography Society and community

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