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    Jewelry and Fashion Final project

    Yarden Tzarfati

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    Packaging increasingly holds a leading role in today’s consumer society. In this project, I aim to blur the hierarchical relationship and boundaries between packaging and product by creating one holistic accessory. The combination of the product and its packaging into one object emphasizes the value of sustainability and the value of a nomadic lifestyle by turning the eyeglasses into their own carrier. The clothing collection presents a technological development of a flexible textile which is created by square pieces made by 3d printing and inspired by the pattern of packaging. The textile enhances one’s natural curves and can fit different sizes. In addition, the new textile focuses on ‘Zero Waste’ principle by creating recyclable 3d printed joints and maximizing the utilization of natural fabric, which reduces the amount of waste. The project is inspired by Japanese calligraphy, which ‘packs’ one whole message by minimal use of graphic lines. Materials: PETG, Nylon PA12, aluminum, cotton, and leather Techniques: FDM PRUSA 3D printing, MJF HP 3D printer, and metal 3D printer Mentors Shelly Satat-Kombor & Yaron Ronen Theoretical Advising Dr. Tal Frenkel Alroy

    3D Craft Fashion Innovation Sustainability Technology Textile

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