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    Photography Final project

    Noam Shem Tov


    Being twenty for me is a starting point, or boundary where a decade in which a journey of maturation begins, slightly differently from what I had experienced in previous years. I reflect on the point in time I am in: a moment in life when everything can still happen and change, and yet some things have already been fixed in place. For my project, I photographed several of my close friends, those who had occupied a significant place in my life in the last few years; like me, they too have undergone a journey. In the images I try to capture the present, the past, and the future, simultaneously. Studying them and myself during the process happens as we reflect on our shared experiences. I photograph them in remote locations, in the margins and borders of towns, and they, too, in a sort of analogy, are at a similar point in time, where they can constantly change their shape and even slowly disappear.

    Body Identity Localism Photography

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