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    Photography Final project

    Coral Aharon


    Post-trauma is a disorder that develops following an experience that has put a person’s mental and physical well-being in danger. It is usually accompanied by feelings of fear and anxiety. My project deals with questions related to a person and a place. The place is Ma’aleh Adomim. I do not want to be there, but at the same time I do, very much. In the photograph, the identities of the city and the location are blurred. Most of the poses are sexual, the partial clothing seems to suggest something sexual, and the atmosphere is like in amateur porno movies. Staying in that place is not easy, neither physically nor in terms of safety. Being there in the late hours is dangerous and unpleasant. The products, too, reveal quick sideways looks and a sense of fear. Sometimes a traumatic event leads to unexpected behaviors. However, this is not a judgment of the world of porno or a reservation, but rather imitation and empathy. The video, with its unclear order of events, presents a figure in a canyon, its actions also unclear. The uncertainty, too, is questioning the identity of the place where the photographed event has taken place.

    Black Body Identity Memory Photography

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