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    Photography Final project

    Dan Hashmonai


    Adolescence is an intermediate period, formative and full of changes: biological, physical, social, and sexual. During this time, a boy chooses to develop his independence, distance his parents from his life, cultivate new relationships, develop talents and hobbies, and shape his identity. He senses an increased need for privacy. In my graduation project, in which I document my younger brothers’ growing up process, I compare it to my own in an attempt to examine this formative period in my life. The reflexive observation through photography and direction creates solidarity and closeness with my brothers, but also distance and alienation. I see the gaps between their perception of masculinity and mine, but I also detect similar emotional patterns. The shooting can happen at any moment. Finding situations to photograph is part of the work process. In each situation I try, through direction, to add components that signify the difference between us. Recognizing the directed moments is a recognition of myself as a photographer who encourages conflict in my subjects to reflect the relationship between myself and them.

    Home Identity Photography

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